The value of a written lesson plan

Our instructor passes on his insights and teaching methods at every opportunity to insure that the next generation of instructors will have as much confidence in their competence as possible. That confidence can only be rooted in reality – in the fact that they actually have the highest level of fighting and teaching skill possible. Otherwise it is false confidence which leads to disastrous results in both situations (fighting and teaching).

An important part of the guidance our instructor provides is contained in a written course outline for each level of the martial art. Such an outline helps the beginning student know where he is in the overall course of study, while at the same time it guides the more advanced students by giving them confidence that they are teaching the right thing at the right time to junior students.

Naturally, our instructor oversees the entire process, working with all students at every stage of their progression through each level of the system both to help them and also to verify the accuracy of each apprentice-instructor’s understanding of the art. Apprentice-instructor’s then feel comfortable exploring the system within the safety of the context that such guidance provides. That is why this is an apprentice instructor’s program.

Most importantly, a written course outline provides a standard, the meaning of "touchstone," which insures better quality and consistency of the overall instruction at the school than would otherwise be possible. Using a written course outline, overseen by our instructor, prevents the confusion in students which some schools experience as well as the "pecking order syndrome" that creates negative feelings and an unfriendly atmosphere.