Our lineage

Our Sifu, Michael Nedderman (see his bio) , learned both the Hong Kong and Pan Nam Wing Chun systems from Master Eddie Chong between 1987 and 1996.  Eddie Chong learned the Yip Man (or Hong Kong) system from Kenneth Chung who is a prominent student of Leung Shung, Grandmaster Yip Man’s (Ip Man ) most senior student from his Hong Kong days (Leung Shung is known as “The King of the Attack Form,” the bui gee form).  Master Chong learned the Pan Nam system in China directly from the late Grandmaster as his final closed door disciple as described in “Enter the Wing Chun Time Machine” (currently being revised and updated), which was written by our Sifu and published in the July and August 1993 issues of Inside Kung Fu magazine.

For a brief discussion of Wing Chun generally, see the “Biography of a Martial Art” .   For an in-depth discussion of the art, and how to analyze any martial art, see “Planning for the Inevitable with the Sawed-off Shotgun of Martial Arts” .  Both articles were written by our instructor