Jeet Fa Cardio Kung Fu Program with a Big Difference!
by Michael Nedderman
Copyright 2008

jeefta2 It’s not just a great workout!
This “Cardio Kung Fu” program will actually impart a phenomenal fighting skill to you in a relatively short time without the risk of injury associated with many other martial arts. Once learned correctly, the techniques in the Jeet Fa program are performed as an aerobic workout both for the cardiovascular benefit and to drill the techniques to a state of intuitive perfection so they work easily and effectively when needed.

What is Jeet Fa?

“Jeet Fa,” Chinese for “the intercepting method, ” means using strikes to block. It is an essential element of the traditional southern Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu acknowledged to be one of the most effective martial arts.

As with any martial art, Wing Chun Kung Fu is a long-term study, requiring years to master. However, Touchstone Martial Arts’ instructor Michael Nedderman has developed a 6 to 8 month program that incorporates just 8 of the most effective “Intercepting” hand techniques from the Wing Chun system, plus two kicks, and the full range of footwork. These techniques are the active ingredients of the Jeet Fa program. They “fit” together like pieces of a puzzle, creating the martial arts equivalent of a sawed-off shotgun—it’s a devastatingly effective close range blast.

The “Jeet Fa” self-defense program drills those techniques and that footwork to aerobic and intuitive perfection.

A Little History

Wing Chun is best known as Bruce Lee’s original art. He even named his personal art after the Wing Chun concept of “intercepting” (“Jeet Kune Do” or “Way of the Intercepting Fist”). However, except for just a couple of techniques, Lee did not teach the full concept of “intercepting,” or the Wing Chun footwork that is its necessary foundation.

Less well known than Lee’s association, but most likely the root cause of his and the art’s effectiveness, is the fact that Wing Chun is probably the only martial art ever originated and developed by a woman, and therefore takes a radically different approach to self-defense beginning by teaching the complete “intercepting method.”

As a result of her perspective of being a small, middle-aged to elderly woman, that female founder must have reasoned that she wouldn’t have the luxury of time or distance, that her enemy(ies) would close immediately and try to use superior size, strength, and possibly numbers, to overwhelm her. She must have concluded that she had mere seconds to defeat each of her opponents before another attacked.

Therefore, Wing Chun’s woman founder conceived and developed the “Intercepting Method” (Jeet Fa”) to quickly neutralize her opponents’ advantages. 

The Benefits to You


“Intercepting” is the essence of the Jeet Fa self-defense/aerobic program. Several of the “Jeet Fa” techniques and theories, and the over-all attacking energy, are actually taken from the most advanced levels of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The skill that the “Jeet Fa” program will develop is quite literally incredible due to the “intercepting” nature of the techniques, and because the underlying fight theories make them the fastest and most effective striking techniques of any martial art.