Biography of Michael Nedderman

Michael Nedderman trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu from 1987 to 1996 under Eddie Chong of Sacramento. He served a long teaching apprenticeship as Chong’s assistant instructor for six of those nine years. At Chong’s South Area school, Nedderman developed and conducted the children’s class for more than five years and opened and ran his North Sacramento school for 3.5 of the 4 years it was open. In 1996, Nedderman started his own school in Citrus Heights, California (between Sacramento and Roseville).

michael-nedderman During his six year teaching apprenticeship, approximately 1,000 students trained at Chong’s two schools. Nedderman assisted teaching most if not all of them because he specialized in helping beginners develop a solid foundation. This experience (working with large numbers of beginners, children, and the handicapped) has given him a unique insight into the problems students have learning as well as the value of teaching as an indispensable training stage for advanced students who want to fully understand the art.

The results of that experience have been the development of an instructional program which is in essence an apprentice instructor’s course featuring:

1. A written course syllabus for the entire martial art (an invaluable aid to students, apprentice instructors, and students who aspire to eventually start their own schools),
2. The “Touchstone System,” which is an “abridged” version of the art that is easier to teach, easier to learn, makes the student a more effective fighter in a shorter time, and most importantly, it prevents the bad habits that cause so many to quit in frustration (see What’s in a Name?), and
3. An abbreviated self-defense course for those who can’t dedicate the time to either of the longer programs.
Instructional video tapes are planned for each of these programs.

Nedderman has also written articles which have appeared in Inside Kung Fu magazine (7/93 & 8/93), has a multipart article ready for publication, and has several more articles in various stages of completion.